Heffron Drive

The Slow Motion EP is now AVAILABLE worldwide!

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Feb. 09. 2017

Our first show we've ever played in Russia is in Moscow tonight. Make sure you come if you're in town. 


Nov. 21. 2016

We've announced some new European dates! Check out our "tour" tab for more info.

Oct. 07. 2016

Hi guys, Dustin here. After a whirlwind past 2 months, Kendall and I are excited to get back into the studio and finish writing #HeffronDriveAlbum2! It's been a long time coming and actually having some time off to focus on the creative behind it is more than welcomed. We'll keep you all updated through our socials and here on the website with everything that is going on. Be sure to follow us! Links are at the bottom of the page. See you all soon!



Jun. 02. 2016

We're hitting the road again this summer! Come see us perform at a city near you. Tickets are now on sale. Can't wait to see you!


APR. 07. 2016

Preorder your copy of RAIN DONT COME here!


MAR. 30. 2016

It's that time again everyone! Our newest single RAIN DONT COME is going to be released on April 8th via all digital retailers WORLDWIDE! We can't wait for the release of the song, as it's a venture into a completely new sound for Heffron Drive. We spent over a year working on this song and getting it to the sonic point in which you will hear it. Make sure you spread the word about it. We will post presale links as soon as we get them. 


MAR. 11. 2016

Our first show back in Italy was a success! Naples, you were wonderful! We're playing an even bigger show in Bari tonight. Cant wait!


FEB. 02.16

Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand new Heffron Drive website. We're adding a bunch of new features to the website, so feel free to click around and check it all out. Plenty of new things added weekly, so be sure to check back often. Talk to you all soon!




(Click GA/VIP for tickets)


FEB.09.2017  |  MOSCOW, RUSSIA                      GA  |  VIP

FEB.10.2017  |  St. Petersburg, RUSSIA          GA  |  VIP

FEB.14.2017  |  AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS      GA  |  VIP  

FEB.17.2017  |  PARIS, FRANCE                          GA  |  VIP

FEB.19.2017  |  LYON, FRANCE                            GA |  VIP


FEB.24.2017  |  TURIN, ITALY                              GA |  VIP

FEB.25.2017  |  NAPLES, ITALY                            GAVIP

FEB.26.2017  |  ROME, ITALY                               GA  | VIP










Heffron Drive is Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt.

Heffron Drive was formed in Burbank, CA in 2008 by Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt. Both originally from Wichita, KS, the duo met on the street "Heffron Drive" where they quickly became friends and began making music together. Shortly after creating the band, Kendall booked the Nickelodeon/Columbia Records television show "Big Time Rush". Dustin became the touring guitarist for the band, and they two spent nearly 5 years on the road touring the world. Now on indefinite hiatus with BTR, Heffron Drive was revived and the two are in full force promoting it.



Lead Vocals / Kendall Schmidt
Lead Guitar/ Dustin Belt